Predator or Prey

As we sit here, pondering whether or not we’re in the middle of a recession or entering a recovery, I’m reminded of an old business adage: “When times are good, advertise. When times are tough, advertise more.” Now, that adage certainly isn’t a truism. There are plenty of businesses out there for whom spending extra money on advertising would be a complete waste. Which kind of company is yours?

I don’t believe in advertising blindly, and I certainly don’t believe in wasting your money. What I do believe is that for a certain kind of company, run by a certain kind of leader, tough times are the time to make the bold moves — the time to strike at your competitors when they’re weak; the time to grab advantage from the incumbents, because they’re scared.

Which kind of company is yours? What kind of leader are you?

End of motivational preaching,

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