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Top 10 Global Risks

Each year the World Economic Forum releases their Global Risks Report. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Risks for 2014.

Since 2006, the Global Risks report has been calling attention to global risks that can be systemic in nature, causing breakdowns of entire systems and not only their component parts … to provide a basis for dialogue on how governments, business and civil society can work together effectively to build resilience and mitigate any negative effects accruing from them.

Here is their list of the top 10 risks:

No. Global Risk
1. Fiscal crisis in key economies
2. Structurally high unemployment / underemployment
3. Water crisis
4. Severe income disparity
5. Failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation
6. Greater incidence of extreme weather events (e.g. floods, storms, fires)
7. Global governance failure
8. Food crisis
9. Failure of a major financial mechanism/institution
10. Profound political and social instability

Two questions for our readers:

  1. What other global risks do you think are most important in 2014?
  2. What opportunities do these risks provide us as entrepreneurs and executives?

Please respond in the comments section!

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