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China is spreading Uyghur recognition across the country

At least twelve projects across China are mandating that the ability to identify Uyghur be built into their facial-recognition systems. Imagine if US police RFPs started mandating Navajo recognition? Or if the English started mandating Welsh recognition?

Remember, TikTok is controlled by China

Seventeen-year-old Feroza Aziz wanted to raise awareness of the “holocaust” going on against the Chinese Uyghur. In order to slip past Chinese censors, she started her video by talking about eyelash makeup. Initially it worked, but ultimately, her video was pulled down. TikTok claims it was a mistake, and apologized. Maybe it was. Separately, the new CEO (post acquisition) gave his first US interview since taking the helm. He made a strong case that he wouldn’t succumb to pressure for censorship (or other illicit activity), but when asked, “What if China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, personally asked Mr. Zhu to take down a video or hand over user data?” he answered, “I would turn him down” — which is clearly BS.

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