Keep your eye on the anti-aging space

Humans have been dreaming about immortality approximately forever. But over the last 40 years, we’ve slowly but surely started to make progress on developing a fountain of youth. One needs to be careful in this space, because for every actual advancement, there are dozens if not hundreds of fake, wrong, or fraudulent claims. That said, the science is advancing, and the space is worth watching. For example, here is a pre-print (i.e., not yet peer reviewed) article on some research which preliminarily shows a 54% reduction in the epigenetic age of rats. (The “epigenetic clock” is a measurement of markers in DNA which can be used to measure changes in DNA. While we still don’t know exactly what these changes mean, the fact that they are predictive of all-cause mortality in later life has led many to conclude that they are directly tied to the adverse effects of aging).

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