George Soros to force RFID chips on everyone (or, when truth is stranger than fiction)

Some of the craziest conspiracy theories out there involve George Soros / Bill Gates / [random rich person] doing something to force / sneak embedded RFID chips into everyone. The natural response of any moderately educated and moderately sane person is to discard this nonsense out of hand. OK. Fair enough. So why has the State of Michigan joined ten other US States in writing laws making it illegal for companies to mandate that their employees get embedded microchips? Well, because what the Illuminati can’t get orchestrated behind the scenes, regular humans will do to themselves. So far, there are no actual instances to my knowledge of companies trying to mandate such a thing. However, in 2017, a company in Wisconsin started giving the option to employees — and about 1/2 of them took it. At least one company in Sweden has done the same thing (again, a voluntary program, but a lot of uptake). On the one hand, the “we have too many laws already” part of me instantly bristles at this sort of preemptive regulation. The nearby Libertarian  part of me says, “hey, companies can mandate that all they want; you can always go get a job somewhere else”. But the no-one-can-be-that-naive part of me looks at 50%+ voluntary adoption, glances sideways at the catastrophe that is current privacy and security, and thinks “maybe they really did need to write this law.”

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