Hedge Funds and New Hong Kong

As I discussed last week, China’s proposed security law for Hong Kong would be a major blow. Follow-on discussions of potential results of the implementation of such a law really span quite a bit of ground. On the “very likely” side of things, Hong Kong is currently home to over 400 hedge funds, managing north … Continue reading “Hedge Funds and New Hong Kong”

Preliminary results from Finland’s basic income experiment … social “science” is hard

Finland is conducting an experiment where they took a random sample of young-and-unemployed and long-term-unemployed people (2,000 in total) and provided them a small, basic income, not tied to their social benefits (i.e., if they got a low wage job, the wages would not count against their basic support, as most such current systems do). … Continue reading “Preliminary results from Finland’s basic income experiment … social “science” is hard”

The government is trying to destroy privacy, yet again — and you can help!

Speaking of privacy, if you’re a U.S. citizen, call your Senator and Representative, and urge them to kill the “EARN IT” bill. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is what allows most of your favorite things about the Internet to exist — it’s the clause that says that companies who build tools are not … Continue reading “The government is trying to destroy privacy, yet again — and you can help!”

The marijuana startup space

Last month, recreational marijuana use became legal in the Australian Capital Territory (akin to Washington, D.C.). Medicinal marijuana was already legal both at the Australian State and Federal levels. Globally, there are currently four countries, and 11 U.S. states and districts, in addition to ACT, where recreational use is now legal, and another 23 countries … Continue reading “The marijuana startup space”

China, Uyghur, TikTok

China is spreading Uyghur recognition across the country At least twelve projects across China are mandating that the ability to identify Uyghur be built into their facial-recognition systems. Imagine if US police RFPs started mandating Navajo recognition? Or if the English started mandating Welsh recognition? Remember, TikTok is controlled by China Seventeen-year-old Feroza Aziz wanted … Continue reading “China, Uyghur, TikTok”