The on-going game with China

Perhaps the biggest thing to happen last month was that the US declared China’s treatment of the Uighurs as genocide. To be honest, I don’t know how much freedom the US State Department has in making this sort of declaration. Was it something the State Department did independently? Or was it a last-minute poke at the bear from President Trump? Either way, it ties directly into my previous comment about China’s likely goal of buying the African UN block (“The ‘good guys’ do it too — cyber-psy-ops”, newsletter #60). Under President Trump, the US has largely downplayed (maybe even denigrated) the UN; but President Biden is likely, regardless of his policies towards China, to lean back into the international community. The US declaring that this is genocide doesn’t really do anything to China; but, if an international coalition can be built around the idea, that’s a problem for China — and building such a coalition is much harder if Africa is on China’s side.

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