Democracy Is Going to Be The Death of Democracy

The Founding Fathers of the United States were by no means perfect. Equally, the U.S. Constitution is filled with compromises that were at best distasteful to many at the time, and remain so. That said, smart men, living at the height of the Age of Enlightenment, who were not distracted by a constant barrage of messages designed to cajole, influence, and incite; but instead had access and exposure to writing and thinking on politics, nation, democracy, and sovereignty that covered the successes and failures from ancient Athens to the Swiss Cantons; and had the time and inclination to think deeply about such things, did the best they could. Amongst the many details over which they debated, three which are of great importance today are the tyranny of the majority, the danger of the distance of the seat of power from those governed, and the insidiousness of partisanship. We’re seeing every day how right they were, and it’s for these reasons that removal of the Electoral College and going to direct-democracy for presidential voting is complete madness.

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