TikTok and China

Here we are, yet again, back at Newsletter #14, wherein I brought up some of the problems with TikTok being controlled by the Chinese, and statements by the new CEO (who is an American), who asserts that they don’t send US user data to Chinese authorities, and moreover that they’d refuse if it were demanded. Things … Continue reading “TikTok and China”

George Soros to force RFID chips on everyone (or, when truth is stranger than fiction)

Some of the craziest conspiracy theories out there involve George Soros / Bill Gates / [random rich person] doing something to force / sneak embedded RFID chips into everyone. The natural response of any moderately educated and moderately sane person is to discard this nonsense out of hand. OK. Fair enough. So why has the … Continue reading “George Soros to force RFID chips on everyone (or, when truth is stranger than fiction)”

WWDC and privacy

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference was last week. As expected, one of the biggest announcements was that they’re moving away from Intel and to their own chips. And, although it wasn’t front and center, it was mentioned enough that I’m sticking with my prediction that this is all about “AI”, and we’re going to see … Continue reading “WWDC and privacy”

China, Uyghur, TikTok

China is spreading Uyghur recognition across the country At least twelve projects across China are mandating that the ability to identify Uyghur be built into their facial-recognition systems. Imagine if US police RFPs started mandating Navajo recognition? Or if the English started mandating Welsh recognition? Remember, TikTok is controlled by China Seventeen-year-old Feroza Aziz wanted … Continue reading “China, Uyghur, TikTok”

When is it legal to hack?

Facebook entered new territory this week by suing Israeli cyber-intelligence firm, NSO Group, in California federal court. There are lots of issues here. Most people want private communications to be private. Most people want to be able to have criminals prosecuted.  But what’s a criminal act in one country may not be in another, and … Continue reading “When is it legal to hack?”